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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sexual Selection, Children and Teenagers

To find out first the 2 key things about LIFE, go here.

With that in mind, we can now look at sexual selection in children and teenagers. To find out about sexual selection, read this post first. The reason I have asked you to read the first link before reading this post is because the 2 key things about life are sustainability and propagation. That is, surviving and reproducing. When it comes to children, psychologists too often, and wrongly, emphasise the "reproducing" part of life, and omit the "surviving" part. They paint a bizarre image of people that is highly sexual (in the "people have sex way) and ignores completely the importance of whatever follows after conceiving a child. Evolutionarily speaking, the psychologists' theory that they wrongly label as "evolutionary", is anything but that. Firstly, there is the assumption that what humans try to subconsciously achieve by having children is pass on their genes, that are supposedly the best, since they conferred the parents whatever it took to survive. This has become more and more false, as the artificial environment that humans have built themselves requires less genetic adaptation, and more artificial adaptation.

For example, if you were of British origin but born and raised in Germany, those "British" genes would be of no better use in the UK if you didn't speak English. What use would you be to your ancestors, if you couldn't even speak their language? And what use is a child with your genes, if they use those genes to eventually sexually select anything they want? To the extent to which children are blank canvases, parents try to manipulate the way they turn out, and many do so without realising. But external things that themselves try to be propagated, such as information, other views, other people, etc. inevitably reach those children, and depending on the child's needs, they fight to come on top on what becomes a teenager's personality. The deeply-rooted feelings and attitudes will cause the teenager to begin their own quest for sexual selection. Being new at this, some teenagers go through stages of changing their mind and style, even radically.

But when this process ends, teenagers will not allow their parents to try to change their views, because the entitlement to a personal sense of freedom of sexual selection will be set in place. This is true of Western culture, where the "external influences" are varied and encourage people to stand up for them individualistically. Can sexual selection be taught? "You must get married and have children." Someone who says that believes doing that is the best bet for surviving future selection pressures. More in the next post.

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